Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dealing with "The Unexpecteds"

Ever had a last minute houseguest? Someone you haven't seen in a long time, don't mind giving hospitality...yet REALLY wish he'd picked a different week? In biz & in life, we have "The Unexpecteds" stop by a lot. Whether in business meetings, calls, events or situations - in some of our lives, they seem to drop by every day!

I had one of those weeks, so its a great topic. You can't plan ahead for those "whoa, now what" crazy times, but you can certainly control your reaction to them.

Top 10 Tips for Hosting "The Unexpecteds"

1) Remain calm. You can either choose to freak that they showed up, or think clearly on how to handle. Keep your cool...always keep your cool.
2) Breathe. This helps #1 as well. Before you respond to phone calls, emails or someone showing up on your doorstep...deep breath.
3) Find a solution. It's easy to get sidetracked when you have "unexpecteds" show up...especially if you are a very "black & white" problem solver like me. Get your brain back in focus by creating a series of potential solutions.
4) Think of comparable situations. Has this happened before? Or anywhere? If so, use it like a "case study" in real life - how did you deal (and did you deal well with it?) What would you do to improve the situation the second time around?
5) Keep it relative. No matter what, there are worse off situations happening daily in the world. Someone throwing an unexpected situation/event at you...isn't 1) world hunger, 2) an epidemic or 3) global warming...for instance. Meaning, everything, in little solvable.
6) Go run. Or walk. Or jump. Before you tackle the inevitable, you need some serious endorphins. So rather than hitting the snack bar, hit the road...literally. Walk, run, exercise for 20 minutes - it'll free your head, get your positive chi running and get you focused!
7) Count your blessings. Much like the "keep it relative," this one is a lesson in, "you've got a lot to be thankful for." Even when something/someone gives you a wallop to turn you in a new direction, look it as just that - a new direction. You aren't necessarily veering off course - you could just be getting back on the right GPS.
8) Be spontaneous & live in the moment. Change is good, like they always really is. You can't stop it, you've just got to live for each second of the change. Let it happen and just "be."
9) Drop your schedule. Since the moment has probably changed your momentum anyway, it's a good idea to forget the other "pre-planned events" on your schedule. You need to focus on this "unexpected," and deal with it to the positive - rather than push it under the rug.
10) Maintain professionalism. No matter what, don't lose your cool. Keep your composure and look at the bright'll emerge with a new friend. Once the "Unexpecteds" leave your house, you'll be that much more prepared for the next situation!

As a recent book I read stated, "The oceans refuse no river." Be accepting of any situation, and you'll be a pro! To your rocks, rock stars...time to climb!

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