Saturday, August 29, 2009

Perfection vs. Wholeness

A funny thing happened to me last week. I had one of those weeks where I just found myself pushing, pushing, pushing to be perfect & please others. Of course, perfection being that crazy little animal that it is...I fell short each day. In the goal of pleasing others, I was just trying to give myself a version of instant gratification. (I.e., quit trying to put a bandaid on a broken fire hydrant).

After some deep thought & "vision boarding," I went to a great yoga class that had a fantastic theme. Sarah, my yoga teacher, gave us the challenge of "Perfection vs. Wholeness." What does that mean? It is highly applicable in almost any work situation or home situation.

Perfection: this equals the art of trying to 1) please others and 2) be perfect, with no other goal to strive for. Here's the problem with that: perfect just isn't possible. With perfect, comes pushing for something that is out of reach - through that push, you forget to see the accomplishments & strides you made along the way. All you remember is, "me, me, me." Celebrations become just another "step on the chain" of the travel to perfect (a city that doesnt exist.) Trust me, I've searched - perfect is not a purchasable destination on Orbitz., maybe...

Wholeness: the art of completing oneself, mind...body...and spirit. Not only is wholeness attainable, it is also completing a journey. Remember that game, Trivial Pursuit? There was a pie that players had to fill with wedges from all sorts of categories - making the ultimate "whole" pie. Arts, Culture, Sports, get the picture. "The Well-Rounded Individual."

We should strive for the same in life - adding wedges as we complete important life goals & milestones.So the next time you have a day that you say to yourself..."arrrgggh, i just cant seem to make this PERfECT!" scratch it out of your brain. Perfect isn't a place you can go - and it might look like some Shangri-La, but let's be ain't a sandy beach with a Grey Goose martini & a cabana boy waiting on you. Get real! Make it substantial instead. Go fill up your life pie and make it whole.

Take the "Perfection vs. Wholeness Challenge" this week and let me know how it goes! I'm still in it...filling up my wedges. This weekend, I added the wedges of humility, honor & stoicism...great to learn, but always a work in progress.

See ya rock stars!

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