Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snow in South Africa this January: Children’s Book Series Sponsors Inspirational Female Driver Tiff Daniels in the ASA Transcontinental Series

SnowTheRaceHorse.com Joins TheWordNetwork.org as Co-Primary Sponsor for #19 Marc Davis Motorsports Toyota Camry; Associate Sponsor Skincode.com & Product Sponsor HINT Water

Mooresville, NC (December 15, 2009) – Tiff Daniels announced today that the #19 Marc Davis Motorsports Toyota Camry, one of only two entries piloted by female drivers in the invitation-only historic ASA Transcontinental ‘Freestate 500’ in Phakisa, South Africa - will have three new sponsors. The #19 SnowTheRacehorse.com Toyota will be supported by the upcoming children’s book series about a racehorse teaching kids valuable life lessons. Upscale Swiss skincare line Skincode.com becomes an Associate sponsor, with Daniels as primary spokeswoman for their UK distribution; and HINT Water becomes a product sponsor, distributing their vitamin-based water to teams & humanitarian visits during the trip.

The Adventures of Snow the Racehorse is a planned series of children’s books for young race fans & environmentalists. The first book of five, Snow Takes the Checker, is available for pre-order on Amazon.com and will be released to the public during the week of the Freestate 500. Hoping to bring the lessons of friendship, teamwork & being comfortable in their own skin to the children of both the United States & South Africa – Snow will visit the country alongside Tiff. Possible visits include the Oprah Leadership Academy for Girls and UNICEF projects within South Africa.

“I am thrilled to be driving the #19 SnowTheRacehorse.com Marc Davis Motorsports Toyota in South Africa,” said driver Tiff Daniels. “I look forward to representing the USA in the first stock car motorsports race in South Africa, being able to inspire South Africa fans – especially the women and young girls. It sends a great message to dream big & believe in their ability to achieve those dreams.”

“SnowTheRacehorse.com is an ideal partner for this journey, joining TheWordNetwork.org – and with added support from Swiss skincare line Skincode.com & product sponsor HINT Water – we hope to have a great race while also making a difference. I also cannot thank Marc Davis enough for letting me run his car and Spraker Racing for prepping it,” Daniels added. For more information about the historic race on January 30th & 31st, visit http://www.asa-racing.com/.

Tiff Daniels has been driving racecars for almost 10 years, and is progressing quickly through the stock car ranks. She has won races and awards for her on-track abilities, while also graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering with a Concentration in Motorsports and a minor in PR. Tiff strives to be successful on the racetrack and to inspire fans of all ages to follow their dreams. For additional information, visit http://www.tiffdaniels.com/.

Marc Davis is the youngest team owner & driver in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. For more information, please visit MarcDavisMotorsports.com.

Started by a PR veteran & traveler who missed her daughters on racing trips, Snow the Racehorse has become an inspirational role model for young boys & girls who drive to dream & aspire. The first of five books, Snow Takes the Checker, is an adventure with life lessons of teamwork & friendship. Other titles will include Snow Goes Green, Snow Meets the President & more! The Adventures of Snow the Racehorse proudly supports Racing For Wildlife, begun by a partnership between the Ryan Newman Foundation & The Conservation Fund. To support, visit RacingForWildlife.org. For more information & to pre-order Snow Takes the Checker, please visit SnowTheRacehorse.com.

Skincode AG (Ltd) was founded in 1998 by a team of professionals with a profound knowledge and experience in the international cosmetic industry, in particular the development and marketing of cosmetics. The headquarters are located in Erlenbach/Zurich, Switzerland, where product development, sales management and legal affairs are handled. For more information, visit http://www.skincode.com/.

The idea behind Hint is simple: pure water, nature's original refreshment, accented with a hint of natural flavor. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners: Hint is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juice and other sweetened drinks and it tastes great. For more info, visit http://www.hintwater.com/.

Demi Knight Clark, Girl Friday PR & Marketing

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Giving of Ourselves: Do You, or Do You Gift?

I love my Saturday yogi. She has inspired me to take teacher training & further instruction in Yoga. Sorry...had to give my grace today, as she also inspired this blog post via her story this morning. Her theme: "Giving of Ourselves: Do You, or Do You Gift?"

We all know that "giving back" is important - especially in this economy. But what does that mean to you, especially in the holiday season (when GIVE usually = GIFT, thanks to media & societal pressure)? I've learned quite a bit from a variety of people & personalities over the last year - very humbling experiences, many of which I had to "see" after several months of ignoring. I'd have to say the best lesson I've learned, is the gifting of myself.

I used to be very retail-driven (and sigh, I still heart a really good shoe sale. Damn you, Jimmy Choo). Can it "Jones-like" or "be the best by what you earn," many of my benchmarks were set based on the financial status it gave me. I'm in a transformational stage to "flip the wallet," so to speak - meaning, can I pay for the gift I'm about to give someone, or is it priceless?

So without further ado...5 ways to give priceless gifts this season.

1) Pick up a phone. This is where I'm the worst...I have many friends, and they laugh at the fact that I really despise the phone (it comes from years of sitting in a marketing position, getting tons of aimless phone calls from salespeople. Ayeee!) I've realized though, that to have substance, a phone call just needs to be an "I'm thinking of you." It can be 5 minutes or an hour...and you never know the state the recipient will be in on the other end. They just might really need to hear the sound of your voice.

2) Email's okay too. Dropping a line, or a text, still has meaning (I'd probably draw the line at "tweeting," but hey, it is the digital age). Again, it's the message and the thought that makes the difference.

3) Where has all the "dish drop off-ing" gone? I'm fortunate to live in the South...where we like to bake people things as a hobby (and a gift for everything, from new babies to sympathy to sickness to graduation). Bust out the red velvet recipe and make cupcakes (the "gift of 2010") made by you. Sugar always ends up in a smile. :)

4) Offer an idea, solution or helping hand to a friend or family member in business (or become a pseudo-intern or advisor). Or forward a friend's resume on who just lost their job (and go the extra mile here...place some calls on their behalf). My old company had a favorite "ism" on their wall - "It's a quick trip from the penthouse to the outhouse." That could be you - so be humble.

5) Give yourself in the best way you know how. Spend time with your kids. Volunteer if an opportunity arises. Take care of a friend's children to give them a few hours to holiday shop (your idea, not theirs). Create a journal of great inspirational thoughts for a friend. Teach a yoga class to kids who could never afford it regularly (okay that's mine, but if you're a yogi, you know all about selflessness and community).

The point is, instead of whipping out your credit cards this season - could you give of yourself in a way that this recipient will appreciate even more? It's tougher to do and takes more/extra time, but it's worth it in lasting benefits. Don't worry - I'm definitely not there yet either, I'm a work in progress too. It helps to have a little nudge though!

Happy holidays - best in health, rest, family & life. Namaste Rock Stars! :)