Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Ran a 5K

You might be saying, “Wow, good for you!” Or, “Um, thanks for sharing?” So why is this relevant to business or to making yourself better?

Commitment. You see, I’ve had trouble with it in the past, much like most of us. I mean, who hasn’t had that project they have worked on for months – and you get to the point where you just want to pitch it out the window? Or frustration with a goal – weight loss maybe; eating healthier; quitting smoking; spending more time with the kids. You set the expectation that you’ll be diligent and regimented, and then when the regimentation is too much of a schedule, it falls to pieces. Failure in your own eyes, right?

I’m here to tell you – let it go. Why do I bring up the 5k? For the sheer fact that I had absolutely no desire to run it. It was a Sunday morning after a long Saturday with my family – my muscles hurt, I overdid it the day before, it was a holiday weekend, and the back deck of my in-laws’ house was too appealing to watch the sun rise. Whhhhhyyyy meeee…why did I commit to running a race, where I knew there would be a bunch of high school cross country runners who had legs up to their armpits, running like Steve Prefontaine for a PR?

I got over it, thanks to commitment. Something overcame me – it wasn’t positive energy, it wasn’t some sign from God – it was just a gentle, pushing drive to put my running clothes and shoes on. Going through the motions of tying my laces, I knew it was what was written for the day for me. The simple, sheer process of accepting that it was what I had to do that morning – made me let go. No pressure to run fast, no expectations or judgments of anyone around me.

So, my finish? I ran it alongside my father in law (well, for a little while, then he smoked me by 3 minutes – quite rightly, as he’s a diligent runner!) I was awake for the day, refreshed, and proud of myself for just merely taking the small steps to do it. No thoughts of the future or the next race; no nags of the past finishes. It was written.

The next time you’ve overwhelmed yourself, whether in business or in your personal life, just let it go. Make sure you accept what you have to do today first – then enjoy what you’re doing. Once you really enjoy it, you’re on the road to finding what you love. Those little commitments sometimes turn into big passions.

Sizzle on! DKC

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