Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 Things I'm Grateful For From 2010

It's that time of year...time to be grateful. I wish I could say our gratitude reached far and wide 365 days a year (I'd like to think the world would be a much more peaceful place), but hey, that's life! Before my website gets updated and this blog gets a refresh, I wanted to reflect on my 2010 and give thanks to the folks around me.

So rather than a "12 Days of Christmas," I give you a "12 Groups of People GFPR is Thankful For in 2010." My twist on an old favorite...and my grazzis to all! Without further adieu...

1) Family. Without you putting up with my travel, my ideas, my crazy "next big thing," and living life out of a pocketful of dreams...I wouldn't exist. Here's to sprinkling that little patch of stardust back your way, and thanks for all you've done to support me physically, mentally, emotionally and financially!

2) Kids. Every single day, I can look at the world through a 4- and 6-year-old's eyes. How cool is that? I'll tell you, way cool. Everything I do, I do for two little girls to look up at me someday and say, "mom, you blazed the trail. I knew I could do anything in my life without limits." Thanks Maiz and Willa for being the push off the cliff - and reminding me that sometimes life is all about dressing up like a princess & refusing to take a bath. :)

3) Racers. From bankruptcy to millionaires and back, this is one population of people who should (or maybe shouldn't) run Wall Street. They personify the American Dream, as well as being able to chase it. Not afraid to roll the dice, they'll put everything on the line in the name of doing what they love. I wish every single person on earth knew that way of living on the edge - it's a great reminder that YES, we are all ALIVE! Success or failure, they give it every ounce of what is inside them. Absolute thanks for that inspiration, it makes me work harder for my clients...knowing that stake in the game.

4) Runners. You can't be negative and run 12 miles in the rain or snow on a Saturday, when everyone else is asleep. Runners know that they are a little tweaky, off base from the rest of the world - but at the same time, that drive and determination runs the spirit of everyone around them. They take that warmth from a long run and let it be their buzz - and it radiates to others. So thank you, runners of the world...for motivating us, pushing out the door when it's 8 degrees, and proving that life is just about having the courage to put one foot in front of the other. Starts there!

5) People in the world who say "I can't." You're the ones I want to motivate - I just haven't gotten to you yet! Honestly, when you say that you can't, it's a mental click that makes it so. I used to live that way my whole life - protecting myself with a fear mechanism that I thought would keep me doing things that would instantly fail. Well, here I am, big girl, and I've had a lot of "cliff jumping" moments that didn't work...and just as many that did. It really is all about the journey - and yes, you CAN.

6) Vegans. For every vegan, there is a naysayer. A restaurant that doesn't serve food you can eat. Or a person in your inner circle who says, "How on EARTH? And WHY?" Then, there's that inner desire to make a positive change for yourself and your health. I absolutely salute your commitment - making recipes that take twice as long; or driving 20 miles outside your house for a vegetable; or passing that restaurant. Your quiet diligence pushes me to go "full tilt" first of the year from a vegetarian to a full vegan.

7) Scott Jurek. You are my hero. A vegan ultramarathoner, not only do you show the naysayers that yes, it CAN be done - but you do it with a quiet positivity. Without every giving criticism to the critics, it's that type of stoicism that helps prove the cause. Not every vegan is a blood-throwing PETA member - sometimes it's just your neighbor; or your co-worker; or your run partner.

8) Selfless yogis. I qualify this, just because there are some yogis out there that are just as commercial as an infomercial. The ones who aren't...who stay after class to help a student learn a posture; or who drive to do seva (service) work miles from your home, for free; or who strive to bring yoga to new populations and better the world. Thank you, you are why I became a teacher.

9) Selfless people. Not just yogis are selfless...there are a lot of amazing, inspirational, humble people out there who are making a difference - without a camera, or a pen, or a mouthpiece to a media outlet. To you, thank you for pushing through with your work, and thank you on behalf of humanity. You give us a gift every day for our children and grandchildren.

10) Teachers. Note I could have said "world leaders" or "pacifists" or "dealmakers." Well, behind every successful one of those is a set of really amazing teachers. The ones, much like yogis, who pour their all into their students (without rock star salaries). Thank you for creating our next set of diligent, peaceful world leaders. We appreciate you.

11) Eccentrics. This is a broad spectrum of people - from those who dare to think differently; to those who tinker in their garage to make the "next big thing" despite the naysayers; to the comedians of the world (famous and infamous) who keep us laughing. Without a quirky push in our lives and a drive to be creative, life is just going through the motions. Thank you for keeping me smiling, as well as keeping hope alive.

12) YOU! Last but not least...thank you for being in my life! I read a quote the other day that said, "People don't just fall into your life. They are around you because you fostered them in." So for whatever karmic reason that you and I communicate, I appreciate what you have done to give my life meaning and reason. THANK YOU for hopefully making me a better person.

Grazzi, grazzi, grazzi...my gratitude for you all! May your holidays be merry, bright and full of laughter. Then, let's get out there and make the fireworks happen - MAKE YOUR 2011 FULL OF PROMISE! Let life take your breath away! Peace, Girl Friday

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